Mobilehome Tax Clearance Certificate Request


If a mobilehome was purchased new after June 30, 1980, or if the payment of annual license fee renewals on a mobilehome are delinquent more than 120 days (except delinquencies which begin after May 31, 1984), a Tax Clearance Certificate is required to be issued by the County Tax Collector prior to transfer of title through California's Housing and Community Development Department.

To issue a Tax Clearance the County Tax Collector requires that a Request Form be completed and accompanied by either:

1) A copy of the title search from Housing and Community Development;

2) A copy of the pink slip; or

3) A copy of the last registration certificate on the mobilehome; or

4) If due to death, bring a copy of the death certificate.

If you do not have the required information, please contact the Department of Housing and Community Development at 3737 Main St., #400, Riverside, CA 92501. (800) 952-8356.

Following receipt of this information, the Tax Collector performs a search of the tax rolls to verify that mobilehome assessments exist for each applicable tax year following the date the mobilehome was originally entered on the County's tax rolls. Should an assessment for any tax year not be on the tax roll, escaped assessments for those years may be collected, as directed by the Assessor’s office.  An escaped assessment is the result of an appraisable event that has not been reported to the County Assessor’s Office.  Upon discovery, the property is reappraised to market value as of the date of the assessable event.

The owner of record on the lien date of January 1st becomes responsible for the taxes for the following fiscal year. Mobilehome estimates will be collected for the upcoming fiscal year beginning December 1st of each year until October of the following year in order to ensure those taxes are paid and a lien is not recorded under the previous owners name.

Due to the high volume of requests, processing can take from one to four weeks to complete. Upon completion, the Tax Collector will mail you a notice of the amount due and will, following receipt of payment, promptly issue the Tax Clearance Certificate. Payment must be made by CASHIER'S CHECK OR ESCROW CHECK. 

As you can see, a number of steps are involved in finalizing this transaction. We ask and do appreciate your assistance and understanding. Tax Clearance Certificates will not be completed on a walk-in basis but are logged in and completed in the order received.

A fee of will be charged for duplicate requests of a Mobilehome Tax Clearance. Should you wish to contact the Tax Office concerning this matter, please telephone (951) 955-3900.

If the mobilehome is currently registered within Riverside County, Click HERE to find your Property Tax Account.  You can search by PIN Number or situs address. Once you have found your mobilehome from the Acccount Summary screen, you can click the “Manufactured home certificate” button, located in the account information section, to complete the form.

If the mobilehome is not registered in Riverside County or you are unable to find it through the search feature above, click HERE