To issue a Tax Clearance the County Tax Collector requires that a Request Form be completed and accompanied by either:

1)    a copy of the title search from Housing and Community Development; 
2)    a copy of the pink slip; or
3)    a copy of the last registration certificate on the mobilehome; or
4)    if due to death, bring a copy of the death certificate.

If you do not have the required information, please contact the Department of Housing and Community Development at 3737 Main St., #400, Riverside, CA 92501. (800) 952-8356. 

Please e-mail the above information to or send by mail to 
Riverside County Treasurer 
Attn: Mobilehomes
P.O. Box 12005
Riverside CA, 92502-2205:

Following receipt of this information, the Tax Collector performs a search of the tax rolls to verify that mobilehome assessments exist for each applicable tax year following the date the mobilehome was originally entered on the County's tax rolls. Should an assessment for any tax year not be on the tax roll, escaped assessments for those years may be collected, as directed by the Assessor’s office.  An escaped assessment is the result of an appraisable event that has not been reported to the County Assessor’s Office.  Upon discovery, the property is reappraised to market value as of the date of the assessable event. 

Click HERE to complete your Mobilehome Tax Clearance Request form.